Table of Contents

Dedication (To O.S.)
Immortal Beloved
A Sinner Reformed
At a Party, Alone
A Serenade
At a Loss for Words
Love Me Back
A Farewell to My Mustache
A Visit to the Doctor
Love, a Medical Phenomenon
Continuous Loving
Hope & Despair
A Farewell to My Heart
Limited Possibilities
Love vs. Infatuation
A Pleasant Surprise
When I Step Out...
A Wake-up Greeting
Valentine's Day
In Suspense
A Solemn Promise
One More Little Chance
Against All Odds
A Petition
Useless Hope
Why do you come to trouble me...
Missed Opportunities
Love's Wounds
Late Knowledge
Would you feel better...
I want to be with you...
Nothing's Left
The sun is dying...
Tomorrow It Will Be Too Late
Fate's Judgment
To a Former Love
The Song of the Hopeless
Fortune's Debt Paid
A Conversation with the Sun
The Last Letter
The Verdict
Being In Love
It's Over
Tired of Being Sad
Coda in C Major
The Epilogue