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You must be interested in poetry, since you opened this book. This is unusual in our times. Our society considers writing poetry an idle waste of time, which could be put to a much better use (specifically, making money). The same applies to all the other fine arts as well, but to a lesser extent: artists, writers, musicians, etc. can earn a living by practicing their respective arts,while there is no such thing as a professional poet (although there are, and always have been, people who claim to be professional poets). Poetry depends on inspiration more than any other art.And who can be inspired all the time? Pegasus comes and goes as he darn pleases.

Unfortunately, the low esteem in which poetry is generally held nowadays is partially justified, not by the fact that you cannot resell a poem at a profit, but by the absence of standards. Poetryis nowadays judged by self-proclaimed "experts", who mostly praise each other’s work. The craft of rhyme and meter has been largely discarded, or relegated to nursery rhymes and advertising jingles. Most people who call themselves poets seem to spit out words in apparently random order as if they were possessed (which is not at all the same as being divinely inspired).If this is what you expect to find in this book, you will be disappointed. While I have experimented with new poetic forms, I did so not for the sake of novelty, but because I felt thatthey were best suited for expressing my thoughts and emotions. I hope that other poets who pay attention to form as well as to context will follow me, and that together we shall usher in a newera in arts, a new Renaissance.


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